"Dear Mrs. Ward, I"m writing this after getting sentenced, because I don’t want you to think I’m only writing so the judge will go easy on me. I thought we were going for a pizza, Mrs. Ward, honest. But I’ve realised, that doesn’t make me innocent. See, if I’d not been born, I wouldn’t have been able to drive them, and your Thomas would still be alive. So that’s kind of a guilt. It’s not really a guilty guilt, it’s more of an innocent guilt, but it’s a guilt just the same. And it’s easier to do 5 and a half years thinking like that, than 5 and a half years thinking I’m innocent. I’m really sorry Mrs. Ward. Really, really, sorry."


Being one of the wealthiest districts, District 4 tends to produce career tributes who volunteer to participate in the Hunger Games. These children are raised and trained to win the Games, making them stronger and much more capable of winning than the average tribute. The bread from District 4 is a salty, fish-shaped loaf, tinted green by seaweed. Their source of income is fishing and children are trained for these jobs at a young age, giving them an advantage in the Hunger Games. These citizens are adept with nets and tridents, and can swim like fish themselves.